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Stage combat
& Choreography

Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party

Fight choreographer

After getting certified in hand-to-hand this past summer, I was offered the position of fight choreographer for The Wild Party!

With a show that deals a lot with very sensitive topics and physical violence, I was very nervous going into this process. However, the actors were very open and willing to learn. The large fight in the show in Act 2 was also to specific music, and my experience with music and choreography came in handy. I absolutely loved working on this project!



Last fall, I had the opportunity to direct & choreograph one of my favorite shows of all time!

What made this production so unique was that we staged the performance in one of our campuses dining halls. I've always loved theatre in unconventional spaces, and since Spelling Bee takes place in a public school cafetorium, I wanted to make this show an immersive experience for the audience. This choice of venue was also a response to Emerson College's increasingly difficult processes of booking spaces for performances, which therefore limits student opportunities. 

She kills monsters


For my senior year in high school, I had the opportunity to direct one of my favorite plays!

Every year, all of the high schools in Texas do a one-act competition play. My school notoriously gives all of their attention to the musicals, but this year, they trusted me to helm this project. In addition to directing the show, I also took the lead on props design, and every actor had a hand in helping construct the world we created. We also spent time learning about the ins and outs of D&D as a cast.

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