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"Theatre is people watching people have

a conversation. Theatre is a verb."

This was a quote from my movement teacher during our fall final this past year. I've found that the living, breathing aspect of theatre is what has allowed me to continue my engagement in theatre after eleven years of pursuing this craft. So often this word is thought of as just a noun - a pastime for a few hours or an elective you take in school - but I believe it is so much more. Making theatre is an act; an act of love, patience and passion, but active nonetheless.


Currently, I am putting this idea to practice at Emerson College in Boston, MA where I am a sophomore Musical Theatre major. I hail from Houston, TX, a place I am proud to call home. Growing up, I've always pursued and continue to pursue many creative outlets, such as:

- acting (theatre & film)

- singing (musical theatre & classical)

- writing

- directing

- dancing and movement (including cirque)

- visual art

- theatre tech

- video/photo editing

I've never been one to limit myself, as you can see!

I know this is only a small glimpse into my life and my philosophies, but that's only an excuse to get to know me in person! I'm always looking for someone new to connect with - until we meet again!

- Lauren Olivia Dodds